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Below are a collection of some expert research papers and documents on interesting topics that you might find interesting.





Micronutrients and the immune system


Vitamins D, C, E, Zinc, Selenium vs COVID-19


Vitamin C and immune function

Vitamin C and cognitive health

Role of Vitamin B6 and the immune system​

Zinc and respiratory infections - COVID-19

Selenium supplementation vs COVID-19


Importance of Vitamin B6


Vitamin C deficiency and stress


Zinc balance and the host response vs viral infections - COVID - 19

Vitamin C and respiratory infections

Zinc and coronaviruses in cell cultures

Selenium deficiency increasing viral pathology





Worldwide perspective on Vitamin D deficiency


Vitamins and minerals for energy, fatigue and cognition

B Vitamins and the brain


Vitamin D supplementation in winter, Public Health England

Vitamin D vs infection

National Dietary and Nutritional Survey,

Public health England

Understanding Vitamin B12 deficiency - importance of supplementation for vegans

Latitude dependence of COVID-19 and Vitamin D deficiency


Role of Vitamin B12 and the nervous system ​

Vitamin B supplementation and stress relief

Importance of folic acid supplementation and pregnancy 

Vitamins D, C, E Zinc Selenium vs COVID-19




Role of vitamins and minerals in hair loss

Use of Biotin for hair loss​


Micronutrient deficiencies and hair, skin & nails

Biotin and biotinidase deficiency

Importance of Biotin in maintaining normal body functions

Role of Vitamin C in skin health

Ultrastructural hair study and response to biotin

Vitamins A, B, C & D and the skin

Decreased antioxidant status in people with alopecia - Vitamin E

Diffuse alopecia in a child with Zinc deficiency

What is Vitamin A and why do we need it?

Complimentary and alternative alopecia treatments

Role of vitamins in skin health

Zinc supplementation in alopecia patients