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100%. They are free from all allergens including milk, eggs, fish, soybean, gluten, nuts, shellfish.

2 gummies a day does the trick. We've engineered our products so that you can take them every day. We recommend long-term daily use for the greatest benefits. Most people take them either in the mornings with breakfast or after lunch for that much needed boost!

Our home is in Bristol, U.K!

Depending on what products you take, it's about 10-20 calories per serving.

Absolutely. The subscription service is there to make it easier for you to get your vitamins delivered straight to your door rather than repurchasing every month. It's also 20% cheaper. Win.

Anytime during the day! Try making it a daily habit like brushing your teeth or sipping on your morning brew. Most of our customers take them either in the morning with breakfast or after lunch.

We don’t like tablets or capsules either and we know powders can make a mess. Our on-the-go, expertly engineered chewable vitamins contain the nutrients your body actually needs. 

Your products will arrive within a day or two. Our shipping partner, Royal Mail, also has the lowest reported carbon emissions per parcel of any major U.K delivery company. It's free over £40 or if you subscribe to our rewards scheme.

We're super mindful of the environment so yes, the packaging your vitamins arrive in are 100% recyclable.

Yes! If it's not for you, it's on us.


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As an aspiring B-corp, we are passionate about the environment and place huge value on green and ethical practices.

Our mission

We are on a mission to make supplementary nutrition easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Expertly formulated

Extensively researched and engineered with your health goals in mind. We use premium ingredients backed by science.