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Unable to eat a healthy and balanced diet because of to the nature of his stressful role, Dr Zobir was always rushing and constantly skipping meals. This left him missing out on important nutrients.

Working long hours on weekends, nights and everything in between, the demands of his hectic schedule left him running on empty.

Playing catch up, he was taking a dozen tablets and capsules every single morning - the bane of his mornings. A habit shared by his hospital patients as well as millions of people in the U.K.

That was the moment Well Squared was born.

Always forward

Dr Zobir has recently embarked on a content creation journey to empower individuals to fulfil their potential.

Combining his medical expertise with a genuine desire to promote well-being, Dr Zobir has launched a series of engaging and informative videos on self-improvement, fitness and overall health.

Through his YouTube channel and active presence on various social media platforms, he shares practical tips, expert advice, and motivational insights to encourage positive lifestyle changes.

Follow the journey at

The Mission

Our purpose at Well Squared is to inspire happy and fulfilling lives.

Being healthy gives you the best chance of this, that's why we start with a focus on your health and wellbeing.

With proper education about nutrition and wellbeing, we want to help you stay healthy.

One day at a time.

About Us

What do we do?

We keep busy people like you happy by providing nutrition that's convenient and enjoyable. We operate with a purpose-led approach, ensuring that people and planet are at the heart of every product we create.


Our delicious chewable vitamins provide a solid micronutrient base for busy individuals based on their health goals. If you eat a healthy, varied and balanced diet 24/7, then you don't need to take them.

Why us?

Our highly motivated and Doctor-led team are incredibly passionate about nutrition and wellbeing.

Our aim is to inspire millions of individuals to take control and own their health. We’ve made it our mission to support people from all backgrounds on their wellbeing journey.


As an aspiring B-corp, we are passionate about the environment and place huge value on green and ethical practices.

Our mission

We are on a mission to make supplementary nutrition easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Expertly formulated

Extensively researched and engineered with your health goals in mind. We use premium ingredients backed by science.