A healthier, happier you. 

Dr Zobir Alexander & Amy Shaw
Unable to eat a healthy and balanced diet every day due to the nature of their stressful roles, our founders were rushing and constantly on the go, causing them to skip meals and miss out on important nutrients.  
The demands of their busy and hectic schedules left our founders running on empty. They reluctantly took a handful of tablets and capsules every single morning. Distasteful, hard to swallow and tedious. 
That was the moment Well Squared was born.
"Our purpose at Well Squared is to inspire happy and fulfilling lives. Being healthy gives you the best chance of this, that's why we start with a focus on your health and wellbeing.
With proper education about nutrition, wellbeing and planet-friendly practices, we want to help you stay healthy. One delicious gummy at a time."
Dr Zobir Alexander & Amy Shaw. 

What do we do? 

We keep busy people like you happy by providing nutrition that's convenient and enjoyable. We operate with a purpose-led approach, ensuring that people and planet are at the heart of every product we create.


We use clean and premium ingredient formulations that are backed by expert research. We're constantly evolving our sustainability practices to lessen our environmental impact.

Why us? 

Our Doctor-led team wants to challenge traditional supplement taking habits. Sustainability and wellbeing are at the core of our company. 
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