Below are a selection of questions that we get often. If they don't answer your query just drop us an email and we will be more than happy to help!



Is the packaging you use recyclable?
At Well Squared, we are extremely mindful of the environment. So yes, the packaging is all fully recyclable. 

I have difficulty swallowing vitamins, how is your product better?
We don’t like tablets or capsules either. Our solution is a delicious gummy with the nutrients your body needs. 

Are your gummies allergen free?
Completely. They are free from all allergens including milk, eggs, fish, soybean, gluten, nuts, shellfish.

Can my child take them too?
Yes! It can be a struggle for parents when their child is not getting the right vitamins and minerals they need. Our gummies are an ideal solution for kids (and adults!) who don’t enjoy taking tablets or capsules. 

Children over the age of 3 can take any of the gummies in our range, just half the dose to just 1 gummy per day. Adults (and children over 12) can take 2 gummies per day. Fun for all the family!


Are your gummies vegan or vegetarian friendly?
Yes! Our Energise and Immunity Boost gummies are 100% vegan. The Hair, Skin & Nails gummy is 100% vegetarian. 


How can I change my delivery address?
You can change it by logging into your account area, click on “My Addresses” and click on “Edit” or “remove”. You can also have more than one address.



Do your gummies contain gelatine?
Absolutely not! We use pectin as our gelling agent which is both vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

When should I take my gummies?
Anytime during the day! Try making it a daily habit like brushing your teeth or sipping on your morning brew. Most of our customers take them in the morning with breakfast. 

Do your gummies contain sugar?
Each gummy contains approximately 1g of sugar (about 1/4 of a teaspoon) so a serving of 2 gummies is roughly equivalent to 1/12th of a cup of apple juice. Our Immunity Boost & Hair, Skin & Nails gummies contain natural sugars whilst our Energise gummy contains some sweeteners.

Will I be tied into a contract? How does the subscription work?
Not at all. The subscription service is there to make it easier for you to get your gummies delivered straight to your door rather than repurchasing every month. It's also 20% cheaper. You can cancel anytime from the My Account section.



Where should I store my gummies?
A cool, dry place away from direct sunlight will do the trick. Try not to store them above 25 degrees C. Keep out of sight and reach of young kids too.

How much does shipping cost?
It's free for all orders over £30. Otherwise it's £3.69 for 1st class. We also offer an Eco-friendly delivery option for £1.99. This method is ideal for those who are not in a rush for their gummies. We are looking to ship to Europe in the near future.

How long can shipping take?
It depends on the delivery option you choose. 1st class takes 1-2 business days whereas our Eco-friendly option can take up to 5 working days. 

Do you offer tracked shipping?
Our UK deliveries are not fully tracked. If there has been a missed delivery, you should receive a Royal Mail slip through the post. If there’s been a delay of more than 7 working days, drop us a line at and we will chase it up for you. Please note orders placed around weekends or Bank holidays may take longer to arrive. 

What if I eat more than the recommended dosage?
As delicious as they are, our gummies have been expertly formulated based on scientific research so the regular serving size gives you just what the body needs. We therefore advise you to not exceed the recommended serving size. If this occurs, we recommended seeking the advice of a doctor or healthcare professional. Most vitamins are water soluble and can be removed from the body if an excess is taken. This isn’t the case however for Vitamins A & D, which are fat soluble and can be stored in the body. If you are concerned, please contact your doctor for more advice. 

My question isn’t on this list
No probs, feel free to reach out to us at