So how can I enhance my immune system?..

The immune system acts to defend our body against harmful substances, germs, bacteria and viruses. It’s a complex biological network of cells and tissues which acts to keep us healthy and defends against infection. The immune system is remarkable and can do an amazing job in defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. Read on for the answer.


Arguably the best way to “boost” your immune system is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and good hygiene. You can do this by simply following our 10 healthcare tips listed below.


- Eating a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables

- Getting good quality sleep - poor quality sleep impacts immune function

- Drinking enough water

- Adopt good hygiene such as washing hands frequently

- Try to limit added sugars and fast food in your diet

- Reducing or stop smoking

- Reducing alcohol intake / drinking in moderation

- Maintain a healthy weight

- Exercising regularly

- Reduce and try to mitigate stress - stress can adversely affect immune function


So, can I boost my immune system and prevent infections through my diet?..

The simple answer is no! There is no evidence-based food or supplement that will prevent or protect you from catching infections and viruses such as COVID-19. There are however many nutrients that play important roles with the normal functioning of the immune system. These can include Vitamins C, B6, D, Selenium and Zinc. There is good evidence to support their importance in immune function. If you are worried that you aren’t getting the nutrients you need to help support your immune system this winter then give our tasty plant-based Immunity gummies a try.

Remember - our gummies are not there to replace intake of healthy and varied foods, but rather to help supplement your diet. You should be mindful that the European Food Safety Authority have not yet authorised any claim for a food or food component in the UK to be labelled as protecting against infection.


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Dr Alexander, MB ChB, BSc (Hons) - Senior Writer


December 08, 2021 — Dr Zobir Alexander